MadMicrobe is an award-winning team of exceptional artists and science experts with decades of experience creating stunning, accurate life science animation content for the healthcare and broadcast industries.


We partner with agencies and pharmas, helping to bring their brand’s vision to life through creative strategies, cutting-edge technology and rich digital media. As a studio, we strive to bring dynamic motion, beauty and scientific accuracy to all we do.


As new technologies emerge, our team remains committed to keeping ahead of the curve. We approach each technological platform with the goal of using its unique attributes to deliver powerful and innovative solutions which will engage and excite all audiences.

"I know how hard you all have been working on this for the past few weeks, we really appreciate it! And thank you so much for being able to deliver an animation in such a tight timeframe. They look great! The client is really pleased as well and I really enjoyed working with you all too! We'll be in touch soon for sure!"

— Jenn Hergert, The Sandbox Agency

"Thank you MadMicrobe! The entire team says the final pass looks and sounds amazing, and I agree! Looking forward to working with you again, I’ll always speak very highly of your team!"

— Madison Mavis, Broadcast Producer at FCB Health

"MadMicrobe produce outstanding work and its always been a pleasure working with them. The team’s scientific knowledge, professionalism, and communication have always been excellent and their work is phenomenal. Looking forward to the opportunity to work with them again soon."

— Sara Rogers, Producer at inVentiv Creative Studios

"I would like to personally thank you and the entire team of MadMicrobe for all your hard work for our client’s drug launch. Creating content for a one week event in such a short time, that resulted in over 90 minutes of high-res and high quality animation, was a real challenge to all of us. You were not only very easy to work with, but also had a huge contribution to the content due to your profound experience in the medical industry. Together we delivered a project that highly exceeded the expectations of our client and also on time and on budget."

— Till Schreier, President & CEO of XPION GmbH

"Hi guys, Client is sooooo happy -and so are we! Thanks again for your great work!"

— Julian Fischer, Producer at Aixsponza

"BOOM! HUGE SUCCESS! Everyone.... fans... execs... celebs alike, all flipped over the video. It got a huge applause and then the CEO of Adobe walked out onto stage and said "Let's give another round of applause to the incredible team who put this together." You are all wonderful, brilliant, fully committed artists and your work was just adored by thousands. Congratulations. and Thank you."

— Stephen Gifford, writer/ director & partner at Pretty Damn Sweet

"Thanks for everything, the video came out awesome! Our experience working with you was an absolute pleasure and we hope to bring you work for many years to come."

Brian Dickett, Partner at Redtail Media

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